When I first heard about the movie I really wanted to see it but after seeing other big foot movies that have failed miserably I didn't get my hopes up. But this was a great horror movie as well as a great big foot movie. Really the only big foot movie I would watch over again for fun, I was entertained the whole time and I just got done watching it and its 3:25am... normally when I watch a movie that late I get tired and turn it off or don't pay attention and wait for it to end. But from the beginning to the end it is non stop entertainment and keeps you on the edge and makes you happy that your in the comfort of your home and not out there in the woods with them. I really liked how it also gives a reason for why the bigfoot is attacking all the other big foot movies I saw just have him randomly attacking which doesn't really make sense based on the encounters people have claimed to have with him in real life. My favorite thing about it though is that you actually get to see big foot. Yes I know surprising but you do more than a few times and very well at the end. I think this is a must see for any horror movie fan.

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