Midsummer in Newtown


How wonderful. My school, thankfully, has a police officer as our security guard/resource officer. R.I.P. To the lost Teacher and Children. You will never be forgotten.


Was fake school shooting obvious actors. In Midsummer in Newtown, the community of Newtown, Connecticut is still recovering from the brutal December 14, 2012 murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Director Michael Unger and NewArts decide to put on a musical version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, with some of the kids from the school in their cast.

This movie left me with the feeling of throwing up for a week

Festival + Suécia = Desgraçamento pagão. A-M-O

Sandy hoax is the smoking gun on the gun control agenda. Midsummer in Newtown. 2017, Closed Caption. 3.8 out of 5 stars 4. Prime Video from 2.99 2. 99 to rent. from 8.99 to buy. Starring: Jimmy Greene, Nelba Márquez-Greene, Michael Unger, et al. Directed by: Lloyd Kramer Runtime: 80 minutes; Death of a Child. 2017, Closed Caption. 4.0 out of 5 stars 31. Prime Video from 3.99 3. 99 to rent. from 5.99 to buy. Or 0.00 with a Prime. I get sad when I think about this. Uncaring people is a culture now, you know in my country there's a motorbike accident his leg broke but nobody even bother to stop and help him.

We all remember the guys name, they locked it well in our heads, but do any of us know the kids' and teachers' names. I came home from school and turn on the TV. The news was on and it was on every single news network. Midsummer in Newtown is the inspiring new film from acclaimed documentarian Lloyd Kramer and The Documentary Group that paints the most intimate of portraits of a New England town as its citizens. THEY USED THE ACTORS FROM THE FALSE FLAG IN THE MOVIE. HOW INSANE DOES THIS GET1. I was only 6 years old went it happened, but I remember adults saying that dozens of people watching her being stabbed and killed in New York and did nothing. That's how I thought it happened, until the recent documentaries and investigations proved otherwise.

Midsummer in Newtown (2016. External Sites. People are the problem. not guns If you take away guns from people.  Youre creating more victims, criminals wont stop getting guns regardless of laws. This made me cry so bad. Also heaven has gained beautiful children. R.I.P for all those children who died make them rest in peace god.


I'm from CT. This was horrific... I was really high when I watched this movie and I literally cant describe the feeling when watching this, it was so surreal and messed up, I couldnt tell if what was happening in the movie was actually happening or if it was just me. So many kids have lost mories that could have been made. People that do this WILL rot in hell. If I could I would take my heart right out of my chest so all those little kids could have a life of there own. Please like if you feel the same. Oh yaaaaa.



Wer ist auch hier nachdem Ari darüber getweetet hat. Ajjjjjjaaaa. Hieß der vorher nicht nur sommar. I think that if America focused on treating mental illnesses like they do with physical illnesses, we wouldn't have to worry about this. I live in CT and the only security we have is a security guard that cracks jokes. R.I.P 12-14-12.


Da soll untergründig das Gefühl vermittelt werden, daß die Weißen im Grunde alle kranke Nazis sind. So arbetet Gehirnwäsche im Weichspülgang und Rassenhetze light. Movies like this gives us hope that yes we are capable of making amazing movies. Hats off to Rajkumar Rao such lively acting with sheer brilliance. Maybe even if it doesn't bags an Oscar it will win many hearts💓. 0:23 Is he gettin' paid for this movie. 0:59 a meme was born. Als normaler Kinobesucher und nicht als Filmexperte absolut uninteressant. Nope. Everybody must check in.

Rajkumar rao is faar faar better actor than many in bollywood if u agree then hit like button

Legendary 🔝. : sad just so sad. This is the best bollywood movie I've ever watched 👏👏👏👏huge respect to the makers as well as the actors.


We Want More Movies Like This... I love how a movie so colorful and bright can be so creepy and scary. I had metal detctors in my school. This movie is an artistic masterpiece. If you like a mix of art, mythology, disturbance and emotions, this movie is for you. I'v never heard a sadder tragety ever since the colombine high school massacare, damn. Those 5th graders who were running away from gun fire are now holding up a state championship. There should have been 20 kids also watching that game instead of not being there anymore. Ein grandioser Film und ein richtiges Meisterwerk! Alleine die Schauspielerische Leistung von Florence Pugh ist ein Wahnsinn. Selten habe ich so gut Mitfühlen können mit einem Charakter in einem Film. Dazu kommen wahnsinnig gute Aufnahmen und ein extrem guter Soundtrack. Die Aufnahmen sind teilweise sehr verstörend und lassen den Zuschauer 1:1 mit den Hauptcharakter fühlen. Es ist auf jeden Fall NICHTS für schwache Nerven.