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Kurt Bloch runtime: 80minutes Review: RAZING THE BAR documents the development and eventual demolition of a well-loved fringe punk rock Seattle venue through interviews of employees, friends, and a multitude of local musicians. By going out on a limb and being uncompromising in his golden rule values, club owner Brian Foss cultivates an environment that transforms an occasionally aggressive and inhospitable music scene into a supportive and collaborative community where many marginalized and outcast performers can finally call home. The power of his influence is demonstrated in the entertaining juxtaposition of the outrageous and often obscene acts inherent to punk performance against the sincerity of love and respect shared amongst the key participants country: USA Release date: 2014

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cast=Besart Sllamniku, Muhamed Arifi



brief=Zonjusha is a movie starring Armend Baloku, Besart Sllamniku, and Muhamed Arifi. Three local gangsters get an offer for a job they know nothing about. However, high paychecks and their prides make them accept the offer. On their way

director=Genc Berisha

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  1. Jozef K. Richards
  2. director - Jozef K. Richards
  3. A young woman named Wren finds herself lost in the desert after she and her two druggy friends flip their jeep in a remote part of Mexico. In their attempt to reach the nearest town by way of the desert, a symbolic journey unfolds as Wren begins to hallucinate, envisioning Death is stalking her in various forms: as a demon and an enchantress
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  5. USA

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Frederic Linkemann, Vladimir Burlakov genres: Crime Germany Police commissioner Thomas Stark, released from jail after three years after the trial for the murder of his former partner was quashed, is picked up and housed not by his wife, who disowned him and hesitates whether to reestablish contact with their bratty teen daughter, but by his discredited attorney Rainer Kessler. Stark insists instantly to rejoin his Füssen precinct in Königswinkel, where doubt remain concerning his innocence. Captain Mehrin assigns him not above loyal believer Peter Breitkreuz but under openly hostile Julia Bachleitner, to keep an eye on him for chief and her husband, state attorney Magnus Bachleitner. Their first case is the murder of local newspaper reporter Schäfer; who sought his first great scoop investigating the Italian mafia connections in Allgäu. Despite sabotage from Julia, Thomas does a good job, using his rapport with former classmate and restaurant owner Francesco Danesi only to be mistrusted by both sides. The missing evidence apparently gathered by Schäfer seems the link with the next murder of his wife Claudia. Only Stark realizes the grim danger at brother in law Peter Breitkreuz's derelict farm, where he must raise his two young kids alone while Julia dumbly walks straight into danger 1 h 28 Minutes